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I need your help!!!!!!

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1I need your help!!!!!! Empty I need your help!!!!!! on Sat Mar 05, 2011 8:45 pm

Some of you already joined me on facebook to help me stop the game but I know that some of you think I am crazy or that Brian is just pulling off some kind of stunt. Please believe me. I have proof that something happened to him. If you haven't joined me on facebook or don't have an account please email me with the solution to the riddle below.

• Flesh Puppet One owed Flesh Puppet Two three dollars.

• After being threatened with violence of all sorts, Flesh Puppet One started racking his brain for a solution to his predicament.

• Flesh Puppet only had a two dollar bill. That meant, he had a problem since he owed three.

• Finally Flesh Puppet One hit upon a devious idea. He took the bill to a pawnbroker and was allowed one dollar and a half.

• Flesh Puppet One sold the pawn ticket to a friend for one dollar and a half.

• Finally, Flesh Puppet One paid the debt to Flesh Puppet Two with three dollars he had after his two transactions.

• Someone must’ve lost & someone must’ve gained––but who? And how much?

My email is but I have to be careful and will only respond to people who contact me with the correct solution.

Please, help me find Brian and defeat the game.

Allyson Aurora

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