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1LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!!!! Empty LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!!!! on Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:04 pm

My fellow warriors. There is no pride greater than knowing that you and I are at one in our mission to save the world from the annoying and evil ASEK CORE.

The ASEK CORE has manipulated our fellow humans, enslaved many good-hearted gamers, bored us with inane riddlings, and in general earned a rightful place on the public enemy charts.

We can no longer lurk in the shadows, we must emerge from behind the digital veil and take ASEK CORE on in the real world, with the wind in our face, the dust beneath our feet and our arms linked together, as we defiantly sing Kumbaya.

Our weapon will be our minds. The only way to defeat this menace is to combine our wits and our keen senses of observation and solve the myriad hurdles as one rebellious hive-mind!

The assault will take place on WEDNESDAY MARCH 16th at 7PM on the UCLA campus!

Please contact me by EMAIL or TEXT as soon as you get here and I'll assign you to a battalion and begin sending orders to you.

Please keep watch on your email. I will be sending briefings out later today.



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2LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!!!! Empty Re: LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!!!! on Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:38 pm

Is it rude of me to ask who you are, and why we should trust you? this past week has formed a lot of trust issues around here.

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3LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!!!! Empty Not rude. on Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:09 pm

Not rude at all, Comrade! You display a hearty sense of skepticism, a noble quality in any comrade of mine...

I am not the ASEK Core, or Allyson, or Brian, or Dr. Edgar or MacLoud.

I am just a brave warrior, who has lurked behind the curtains waiting for my moment to strike. In my youth, I was a professional guitarist, drawing most of my inspiration from Metallica's magnificent 1986 third album, although I agree it tends to be a bit LUDICRoUS at times....

My agenda is as follows:

To bring to CLOSURE this chapter in our collective lives.

We will find and destroy the ASEK CORE, and free this world of its presence.
We will rescue Allyson, who I believe, while not entirely free of doubt, is no way as malicious as the ASEK CORE.
We will find out what the story is with this Dr. Edgar character.
We will rescue Brian and all the good hearted gamers currently trapped inside THE GAME.

I know with 100% certainty, that this final assault on the ASEK Core will succeed and will bring to an an end this journey we have traveled together on. Who knows? Maybe the rebel alliance will even be able to afford some pizza to share with all on the battleground littered with the ashes of our enemies!

Join us, friend. Your sharp wits and your keen sense of observation will be an asset to our cause, and to your fellow warriors in this, most grand of finales....


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